Current List of Cancelled and Postponed Events

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. 

This is our most up to date list of cancelled and postponed events. If you do not see your event listed, we are still waiting to hear from the producers and will update you as soon as we have more information. 

If there are any updates for an event, we will be notifying those customers through the email we have on file.


Creekside Theatre: The Arrogant Worms (March 12)

Creekside Theatre: The UBCO Beats (March 13)

Lake Country Film Committee: Spies In Disguise (Mar 14)

Ok Corral - Ben Chase (March 20)

Kelowna City Concert Band: Spring (March 28)

Okanagan Symphony: Bach's Playlist (Kelowna Apr 3, Penticton Apr 4)

Okanagan Symphony: Ode to Joy (Kelowna May 8)

Okanagan Festival Singers: Bach to Bach (May 2)


If you had tickets to a postponed events, they will automatically be rolled over to the new dates. 

Kelowna Community Theatre: Mini Pop Kids (March 15 | New Date: January 9 )

Fred Skeleton - Art (March 19-28)

Kelowna Community Theatre: Kim's Convenience (March 17)

Creekside Theatre: Herb Dixon (May 8 | New Date: June 20 )

Creekside Theatre: DayTrippers (April 4th | New Date: Oct 17th )

Creekside Theatre: Ben Klick & The Heels (April 3 | New Date: Oct 24th )


  • Please be patient: We have a number of events cancelled and hundreds of people who needs refunds. We are working as quickly as we can but appreciate your patience. 
  • Donating Your Ticket: If you are interested in donating the amount of your ticket to the producing company? Call Kelowna Tickets and let us know. Many arts organizations and their employees are suffering from all the cancellations and would absolutely appreciate the generosity. 
  • Account Credit: Recognizing that this too shall pass and these events will eventually be rescheduled, if you would prefer to have your ticket refunded to your account so you can use the funds to repurchase the tickets when the event is rescheduled, please let Kelowna Tickets know - they would be more than happy to accomodate this request and let you know when the event is rescheduled.