We have numerous ways for you to receive your tickets! You can choose to receive PDF e-tickets by email (free) or printed tickets by regular mail ($3 per order). If the performance you will attend is within 10 days of the booking date, there may be insufficient time to receive tickets by regular mail. You can also select to have your tickets held at Will Call. In this case your tickets will be available at Kelowna Tickets at 100-2600 Entertprise Way up until 2hrs prior to your performance, and then, if not picked up, will be taken to the venue so you can pick them up at the door.

Kelowna Tickets is a ticket reseller, so while we can’t offer group discounts ourselves, many of the companies we work with DO in fact offer them. Contact the office directly for more information about a specific event. 

Kelowna Tickets is a ticket reseller and therefore must abide by the policies set forth by the companies they sell for. While most tickets are Non Refundable, that isn’t always the case. Contact the office directly for information regarding cancelling or exchanging your tickets for a specific event. 

Kelowna Tickets doesn’t produce our own shows, we simply act as a Box Office service for numerous companies throughout Kelowna and the surrounding area. Therefore we must abide by their ticket policies, which they create as they see fit for their particular company. Kelowna Tickets is all about allowing the artist as much freedom as needed – we don’t try to force them into our ‘box’ way of doing things – instead, we adapt to suit their needs. 

The base price is what the producer recieves for each ticket sold.  Depending on the event we sometimes need to add a charge to cover our services.  GST applies to all tickets and CIF (Capital Improvement Fee) applies to any events at the Kelowna Community Theatre or The Rotary Centre for the Arts.

You can either call Kelowna Tickets at 250-862-2867 or come in in person to our new location at 100-2600 Enterprise Way to purchase Wheelchair Seating. 

You can either call Kelowna Tickets at 250-862-2867 or come in in person to our new location at 100-2600 Enterprise Way to purchase Private Box Seating. 

Privacy Policy

Kelowna Tickets is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This Privacy Policy is applicable to this Website (KelownaTickets.com, powered by Csek Creative).


You can visit and enjoy our website without disclosing any personal information about yourself. However, Kelowna Tickets sells tickets on behalf of other organizations. It does not produce or otherwise bring you events. Venues, promoters, teams, clubs and others are involved in, produce and bring you events. When you use Kelowna Tickets to order or try to sell tickets (or to register while attempting to order or sell Tickets), we are collecting your contact information on behalf of these organizations to facilitate the transaction. You can be assured that we will not sell, lease, or share your personal information with or to anyone else, except as follows: (1) We will disclose your personal information to the organization(s) as described above; (2) to our third party service providers (ie Credit Card Processing Companies), and only so that they may help us provide the services you’ve requested; and (3) monthly we send out a “What’s On” email listing all the upcoming events that we are working with over the next month, and occasionally we will send out emails about exciting events which relate to previous events you have purchased tickets for in the past, but only if you give us permission to do so.

Because these other organizations are not part of Kelowna Tickets, they are not subject to this privacy policy If you want to learn about a particular organization’s privacy policy or you do not want to receive communications from a particular organization, or you have other questions, instructions or concerns to which you would like an organization to respond, then you must contact that organization directly.

Kelowna Tickets will not be responsible or otherwise liable for any use or disclosure of your contact information by a third party to whom Kelowna Tickets has legally disclosed your contact information.

If you should have any questions or disputes about our privacy policy or how your personal information has been used or disclosed, if you wish to change, have access to or correct your personal information or if you wish to revoke your consent to our use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact the Manager, Rebecca Leboe at:

[email protected]

By Mail:
Privacy Policy, 100-2600 Enterprise Way, Kelowna BC, V1X 7Y5

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